Exclusive: Όταν όλοι κυνηγούν την Rihanna ανά την Ελλάδα, το Fay’s Control μοιράζεται μαζί της μυστικά ομορφιάς!

23/10/2013 • GET, MAKE

Όπως έγραψα και στην προηγούμενη ανάρτηση μου, “μοιραζόμαστε” δεν το λες ακριβώς όταν μιλάς με την Rihanna για beauty tips, απλά…ακούς!

Η Rihanna όπως ξυπνάει το πρωί...Gorgeous!!!!

Η Rihanna όπως ξυπνάει το πρωί…Gorgeous!!!!

Και μπορεί η ίδια να έμεινε κατενθουσιασμένη από την χώρα μας και να κάνει το ένα post μετά το άλλο στο Instagram από την παραμονή της στην Ελλάδα, όμως το Fay’s Control εξασφάλισε και παρουσιάζει όλα τα σύνεργα ομορφιάς της-ψυχραιμία κορίτσια, έστω και αν είδαμε πόσο όμορφη ξυπνάει το πρωί, τα εν λόγο σύνεργα δεν είναι και λίγα-, όπως και μία συνέντευξη μαζί της για την talk of the world συνεργασία της με την Mac! Κάντε ό,τι κάνει!!!!!!


Σας την παρουσιάζω έτσι ακριβώς όπως έγινε, δεν την μεταφράζω καν…


“I actually love wearing vampy lips all year long, but especially in the fall…”


You’re the first person that M·A·C Cosmetics has named as a creative partner, why do you think they chose you?
As a brand, M·A·C Cosmetics always has fun while taking risks—they are not afraid. We are in the same in that way, and they certainly recognized that. It’s a natural marriage, as we are both not afraid to show our point of views.

I’ve have been a fan of M·A·C and have been wearing the products for as long as I can remember. I am excited to be involved with them on the creative level.

What has the process been like thus far? How involved were you in creative and color selection, naming colors and creating products?
My work with M·A·C doesn’t feel like work. I am involved in the entire process—names, color ways, packaging. I look forward to these kinds of tasks.

Tell us about the beauty look in the fall visual?
For the fall campaign, we were really inspired by the rose gold packaging of the collection. We used my eye shadow quad in Her Cocoa to complement the metallic theme. For my lips we decided to do something really dark and vampy. We used one of my favorite lipstick shades, Talk That Talk. I actually love wearing vampy lips all year long, but especially in the fall.

You have a lot of looks, what’s your favorite?
My favorite makeup look is really all about the lip. I’m obsessed with lipstick — so we created RiRi Woo. I could wear that every day.

I’m really particular about the texture of my lipsticks. Most of them in my collection are mattes, with the exception of Who’s That Chick which is an orangey frost– it’s different for me- but I love it.

Does being from the Caribbean affect your beauty routine?
Sure—I think where you’re from always affects your routines. I tend to like warmer looks. I like sheen skin and I love bright lipstick.

What to role does makeup play in your life?
Makeup is my super hero. It’s been part of my life for so long- I couldn’t do without. I really love being natural too, but sometimes there’s nothing like a good makeup job.

On rare days off, what is your makeup/beauty routine?
When I go out, I always reach for a lipstick—a lipstick that is bright or extreme, like RiRi Woo or like something really dark and vampy, like Talk That Talk.

You’ve done one album a year for 7 years? Do you plan to keep this up and are you always planning ahead?
I love making music so I never plan on making the album based on timing. I never say, ‘ok, new year, new album.’ I love making music and it excites me. I end up making my albums really close together. So far it’s been almost one every year. But, who knows? I definitely don’t plan on stopping.

Τα “σύνεργα” ομορφιάς της Rihanna…


RiRi Woo!!!!!!

RiRi Woo!!!!!!

Eye Shadow Smoked Cocoa...

Eye Shadow Smoked Cocoa…

Brow Liner, Deep Brunette...

Brow Liner, Deep Brunette…

RiRi Fall Lipstick, Nude...
RiRi Fall Lipstick, Nude…

Extended Play Lash, Gigablack!

Extended Play Lash, Gigablack!

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, Talk That Talk!

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, Talk That Talk!

RiRi Fall, Cream Color Base Diamonds...

RiRi Fall, Cream Color Base Diamonds…

Lip pencil Woo...

Lip pencil Woo…

Liquid Last Liner, Pointblack...

Liquid Last Liner, Pointblack…






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  1. tessy gouma says:

    θεες κ αυτη κ εσυ!!!!!!

  2. george says:

    Θα την παντρευόμουν άνετα…

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